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Watch the Dead

Dear Smoke,
My Grandpa died and had a watch that I really liked.  I asked Grammy for the watch, so I could have a piece of him with me always, but she said no, she wants to bury the watch with him.  Not sure what to do, but he won’t need it and I really, REALLY like that watch.  Please hurry, his funeral is Monday and its an open casket.  Did I say that I really want that watch?
-Had Enough…

Hey Had Enough…
I’d like to reference some lyrics by my good friend, Dee Snider and his band Twisted Sister.  They sang “We’re Not Gonna Take It!”  and if you are thinking, what I think you’re thinking, those are the words that you need to hear.  Because, you’re not going to take it, it is just wrong!  Don’t even think about it Dude, most definitely.