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Whatever Happened to?

Hey Guys,
Just thinking about things that I interacted with, on a daily basis, that kids today will never know…. unless they are at a museum, a thrift shop or their grandparents house!  Buckle in for a stellar journey to the 80s!




At first I was thinking about ashtrays in airplanes and in the arm of your car door, which would get as hot as shit in the summer, burning your arm…but really ashtrays in general are becoming a thing of the past.




Anyone alive in the 1980’s who played video games, knew the importance of this adapter.




Video Game Liner Notes
One of the most excellent things about getting a new game was to read the liner notes to discover game lore, setting information, commands and tricks.  These booklets, in some cases were beautiful and very entertaining to read.  They disappeared when the cost of packaging the game probably surpassed the cost of manufacturing the game cartridges/disc themselves.  Bogus



Window Cranks
Not even sure if you can get a car with these if you wanted to anymore.  No kid, unless they are around antique cars, would have seen these.




Camera Film
At one time, you would have these sitting around in drawers waiting to be developed.  I am sure some professionals still use film like this, but the average kid would have no clue what this case held.




Floppy Disks
These came in three sizes the more easily remembered 3.5 inch (800 KB to 1.44 MB) and the larger 5.25 inch  (100 KB to 1.2 MB)  and even an 8 inch (80KB) depending on  the age and model.  It may be hard to imagine but all of these disks are still available for sale.  Most manufacturers have stopped producing them but there are lots of “new old stock” and refurbished disks available.  Check out floppydisk.com