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My Favourite PC Games

Going to share with you some of my fave computer games from the 1980’s, many of these either also were, or became arcade games or console games, but I fell in love with them big time, on my computer!  I have so many faves that I can not name them all, send me yours and I will list them as well!  These are in no particular order.





Kings Quest – Seven adventure game series that started in 1980 and went to 1998.  I used to get stoked trying to discover how to find pieces of the environment to interact with others, to solve the issues at hand.  Whether it was navigating through a huge desert or convincing an ant colony to find a needle in a haystack, I have lots of wicked memories playing this series.




Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards 1987 – A horribly warped video game full of cliche but that’s why it was mega tubular!  Basically, this game follows Larry who is the original 40 Year Old Virgin who lives in his mothers basement.  Throughout the game Larry can be mugged, hit by cars, catch an STD and if you can not help him lose his virginity within seven hours real time play, Larry commits suicide,  can you believe that this was actually a video game???  Like I said, warped…only in the 80’s



Space Quest 1986 – A silly game with silly creatures.  Roger Willco, our janitor hero, steels an alternate identity, navigates foreign worlds, negotiates with alien creatures, gambles, commandeer and gambles for transport and battles spider droids.  This all done through typing text input commands, i.e. “look at man”, “throw rock”, etc.  If all goes well Roger will survive and be awarded the golden mop!



Maniac Mansion 1987 – In this game you play Dave Miller on a quest through a mad scientist’s mansion to rescue your girlfriend.  Throughout the mansion you solve puzzles to advance game play.   Play is through a point and click interface with actions available to choose from, “open”, “unlock”, etc.  Probably the most excellent thing about this game is that it was created by LucasArts, of Star Wars and Indiana Jones fame.



Wasteland, 1988 – Is a science fiction open world role playing game, set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic America.  Game play was based on tabletop role playing games (like D&D) where values would be assigned for skills, traits, weapons, etc.  The general concept and setting were precursors to the fallout video game franchise.  This game was known for being unforgiving and extremely difficult.