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Downward Dawg

Dear Smoke,
Every morning my roommate likes to do yoga in the nude and leaves his door open when he does.  I asked him to close his door but he says that it gets too hot with the door closed and that I need to grow up and stop being such a prude.  I really don’t want to see that…what can I do?  Answer quickly please, don’t leave me hanging.
-Seen too much

Hey too much,
OM… YO-GA a problem dude!  I agree that you can’t tolerate a roommate walking about with his MANDALA hanging out and his ASHTANGA all up!  My only question is do you HATHA look?  Is there not someplace else you could be at this time?  Have you thought that perhaps you are there every morning because subconsciously you are curious, or do we just CHAKRA it up to poor timing?