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Smoke’s Radical Pick Up Lines

Hey Dudes!
Smoke here!  Its time to share a story with you that is going to teach you how to go all Def Leppard and Pour some Sugar on the girl of your dreams!!
It was the summer of ‘84, a year of firsts….the first commercial CD player, first MTV Video Music awards, first Virgin Atlantic flight and the first untethered Space Walk…and that’s exactly how I felt that night, untethered and free to explore…then I saw her, the girl of my dreams! I checked my hair, mustered up my mojo and approached the girl with this gem, “Hey baby, you must be made of cheese because you’re looking Gouda tonight”! You know at that point, as Motley Crue once sang, I was ten seconds to LOVE.  Well the rest, as they say, was history….