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1980’s The GOOD The Bad and the Ugly Pt 1

Hey Dudes!
This is the first part of my series, 1980’s The Good The Bad and The Ugly, this is part one, the good.  The BAD will be published in April and the UGLY will be published in May.  Remember, this is only my opinion, even though it is the only opinion that really matters!  If you don’t agree, please send me your thoughts, I will give you equal time!  Here are some of the things that I felt were Good about the 80’s!



  • Check In – We really did not have to check in with our parents, and if we did, it was usually at a set time.  We could leave the house, while still quite young and just return home at dinner time…I kid you not!
  • Schoolhouse Rock – These PSA’s ran alongside Saturday morning cartoons.  They were schweet educational shorts put to catchy tunes and rhyme.
  • Big Hair – Many would classify this as the Bad or the Ugly…not me!  To this day I think big hair is like, deadly!
  • Video Games – Dragon’s Lair Arcade Game – Wow!  Galaga taking space fighting to a whole different level and don’t forget Double Dragon that started a who new genre of fighting games.
  • Acid Washed Torn Jeans – I wore several pairs of these… if they were ripped too badly, a pair of red long johns were the perfect accompaniment.
  • Tunage – Some of the best music came from the 80s.  I will list all of my favourites in another post, or you can listen to all of them on Smoke’s Radio, link on our website!  Here are just a few…
    • Kiss
    • Guns N’ Roses
    • Motley Crue
    • Poison
    • Skid Row