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The Story of ChrisKwanKah – The Smoke Life!

Back in the 80’s when VHS was a thing, Canada had Trudeau and Glam Rock was king.  In a town in Ontario, lived a kid named Smoke as we all know.  For every Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah his folks would give him and empty box, while all his friends were getting Atari and Pop-rocks.  Why were the boxes empty Smoke would often ask, those are the best kinds of gifts his folks would reply back.  If you use your imagination you can have anything you want, a Rubick’s cube, a BMX bike or a Van Halen cassette to flaunt.  But Smoke wanted something amazing that the whole world would envy, so he filled those boxes up with fries, cheese curds and gravy.  Then he piled mushrooms, onions and smoked bacon, little did he know it was a gastronomical creation!  Everyone who ate it, loved it so to commemorate this time of year, fill your bellies with Poutine and let us cheer,

HAPPY ChrisKwanKah, HAPPY ChrisKwanKah!, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, HAPPY ChrisKwanKah!