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My First Time – Poutine Confessions

I wanted to tell you about my first time, the beginning of what has become an ongoing torrid affair that I sometimes regret the next morning, but always return to, my guilty pleasure! It was about five years ago, I had just moved to Canada and was living in Winnipeg.  It was August and I went to hear Terra Lightfoot perform at the Cube.  After the concert I stopped at a small restaurant in the parking lot; my first experience with Smoke’s Poutinerie.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had never had a poutine before, had no clue what to even order.  Fortunately the guy who served me recognized that it was my first time and was extremely gentle.  I ended up going with the traditional and when I put it in my mouth, the heat, the taste, the creamy gooeyness; 100% sinful!  I knew that I was in trouble!  It is true, nothing can beat your first time, but until now, I continue to go back to relive that day again.