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1980’s The Good The Bad and The UGLY Pt 3

Hey Dudes!
This is the final part of my series, 1980’s The Good The Bad and The Ugly, part 3, the UGLY.  If you missed them, you can catch the GOOD published in March and the BAD published in April.  Remember, these are just my opinion, even though it is the only opinion that really matters!  If you don’t agree, please send me your thoughts, I will give you equal time!  Here are some of the things that I felt were Ugly about the 80’s!


  • First, the tunes…the 80’s produced some of the most stellar, hardest hitting tunage, but it also produced some of the ugliest music I ever heard!
    • Eddie Murphy – Anything that Eddie put out was pretty ooglay but especially “Party All the Time” WOW, what was he thinking?
    • Chris De Burgh – “Lady In Red” need I say more?
    • Milli Vanilli – Not that their music was necessarily ugly, a ton was sold, even though it wasn’t my shit… but the lip syncing scandal certainly was UGLY!
    • Men Without Hats
    • Kim Mitchell – Hate to dis Kim since he is Canadian… but really?  “Patio Lanterns” and even more UGLY, “Go For A Soda?”
  • The 1980 Yugo!  I would love to say that I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a car that UGLY, but unfortunately your friend Smoke looked UGLY in the face every day as I owned one of these things for three months before I got rid of it…and that is another story.
  • Wallpaper boarders and sponge painting
  • Women’s shoulder pads
  • Pleated Pants/cuffs –
  • Mullet –
  • Florescent colours –