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The Arcade Operator

When I was a young Smoke, I always went to the arcade and was pumped with the power and deadliness of the arcade dude!  He always wore a sweat stained coin apron cinched tight against his acid washed jeans and a kick ass 3/4 sleeve concert Tee.  Hanging at his side was the object of his power, the righteous key ring, which held dozens of keys of different shapes and sizes!  With them he had access to the heart of the arcade, they made him the big Kahuna, gave him the power to decide at whim, who got a free play and who had to step-off for the day.  He could do simple repairs and alone held the power to mark a game “Out of Order”!  The keys jingled and clanged together as he walked, like the spurs of some sort of Rock n’ Roll gun fighter.  Everyone wanted to be that guy, I kid you not!