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Who is Smoke – The Smoke Life!

Smoke lives in a penthouse cabin made of Lego deep in the woods, in Northern Canada.  He’s a gastronomical genius who likes conjuring up new mouthwatering concoctions.  At night, he can be seen flying off in his crop-duster….only to return home in the morning by parachute.

He’s a guy who’s stuck in the 80’s, with a fondness for glam rock.  He owns an extensive collection of Cabbage Patch Kids and He-Man action figures and when he’s not at work, he can be seen playing Frogger on his Atari or watching old reruns of Airwolf, Night Rider and the A-Team on his VCR.

He knows the profound meaning of wax on, wax off.  He is also quite the ladies’ man and had a thing goin’ with Molly Ringwald (but that didn’t quite work out).  He communicates with us on a daily basis through fax, to make sure that were doing his recipes justice…and spreading his creation to all.