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Over the years, myself and the 7shifts team had the pleasure of working alongside Ryan, Mark Cunningham, and the Smoke’s team to help streamline their scheduling and operations.

Exchanging any type of communication with Ryan was always a highlight. I remember my first encounter with Ryan. A sales rep gave me the phone and said “It’s the CEO of Smoke’s. He wants to talk to you.” I picked up the phone only to hear someone on the other end screaming “FIRE IT UP JORDAN! WE’RE GOING WITH 7SHIFTS!” I thought it was a prank call. He always brought the highest levels of energy to every conversation – no matter what.

On their cross Canada poutine tour last year, he stopped by the 7shifts office in #yxe to give everyone some Smoke’s swag. Him shouting “SMOKE’S POUTINERIE IN THE HOUSE” to a quiet room of people caught many off guard, but was later followed by immense laughter and energy. People loved it.

Not only that, but he did so much for the community. He spearheaded the annual Poutine Eating Championship and would insist that all partners of Smoke’s participate to raise money for a great cause, We Care, which sends kids with disabilities to camp (https://wecare-canada.org/).

You had a big smile and an even bigger heart.

RIP, Ryan. You will be missed.

– Jordan Boesch, CEO @ 7shifts