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Years ago Ryan and I were coming home from Ottawa when he tells me that he is going to introduce me to the best egg rolls I will ever eat. I said , “Ryan, I have no problem with you buying egg rolls but as far as them being the best I ever had, I’ve had a lot of egg rolls…”
We arrive at Golden Palace and he runs in and returns with a huge smile and a huge bag of egg rolls. They were different, larger and open ended… I tried one and he was right, the best I ever had! Ryan and I kept shoving them into our mouths, all of the sudden Ryan gasps, “how many are left?”
Shit I promised the boys I’d bring some home… Ryan and I ate 18 of them in minutes before getting on the 417… the boys got six… sorry boys.
GP egg rolls became an ongoing theme, and whenever we could we grabbed a few dozen. Shortly after Ryan’s service I went to GP… Here’s to you my friend.