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Ryan was always eager to help a fellow franchisor or anyone for that matter. His personality was electric and he shone like a star in every room he entered. I will miss him so much and never realized the impact he had on me as a person. One of my favorite memories is when his dad came to the convention in Ottawa and how proud he was to have him there. They were both so proud of each other. We went to the after party and then walked around town ending up at a McDonalds at 3am. Another fond memory was when he came to be my key note speaker at Lice Squad’s annual convention. We hired a professional hypnotist and had him and some of the franchisees hypnotized. I have never laughed so hard in my life. He was also in tears having to take off his signature shades just to wipe the tears of laughter from his face. Finally participating in the CEO Poutine Eating Challenge and watching him oversee and cheer on all the eaters was a favorite memory. Every time I see plaid I will think of Ryan in his overall PJ’s rocking on and keeping the good vibes going. God Speed my friend.