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This one hit hard. I didn’t realize how much Ryan had an impact on my life until I heard the news. Ryan was a truly incredible human being. His passion for his business was obvious but what a lot of people may not have seen was his equal passion for giving back. I had the privilege of knowing Ryan during my time as Executive Director of We Care. His work on the Board and in the establishment and growth of the CEO Eating Challenge has raised over $500,000 to send kids with disabilities to accessible summer camps. His ability to gather a team of passionate colleagues to ride the gravy train was just as evident in his ability to get them all on board with the importance of giving back. This was evident not only with his direct team but everyone in his network. He had an unmatched ability to get people hyped, whether it was for poutine or for raising funds for charity. Ryan’s passing is a true loss to We Care and the world. He impacted so many people’s lives, but I know that his infectious enthusiasm and passion will have a lasting impact on the people he interacted with, even those who just met him in passing. Ryan, you made an incredible impact on the world and those around you and your legacy will no doubt live forever. After all, the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of us when we see plaid is that crazy guy at the helm of that rock n roll gravy train. Big Hugs forever! Tiana