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I had the pleasure of working directly with Ryan at Smoke’s Poutinerie Global Headquarters for over 5 years.

Ryan and I would spend countless hours almost every week sitting side by side working to bring Smoke’s vision to life. What started out as graphic design work sessions quickly grew into some of my most cherished memories, just spending time together working, getting to know one another, laughing, telling stories about our lives and ‘firing it up’!

Ryan was the first person I told I was going to propose to my now wife. After I told him my plan he told me his proposal story (Which is beyond epic as expected).

I can’t tell you enough how much Ryan cared about his family and the people he worked with on a fundamentally deep level that is rarely seen. I’ll always miss your passion, positive attitude and hearing you all of a sudden start screaming the lyrics to Nothin’ But A Good Time, climbing on a table and air guitaring the solo like you’re in front of 80,000 people.

The world lost one of the best ever.