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We have had some of the greatest fun and craziest times in our lives thanks to and with Ryan (one of the best bosses in the world) with the most unique and psychotic vision, bringing the party while maintaining the standards and excellence of Smoke’s Poutinerie! Traveling across the country in a Plaid-ified RV covered in and filled with poutine goodness, spreading the gospel of cheese curds and gravy to the masses was an unforgettable experience for anyone who witnessed it thanks to Ryan! The world will never be the same because of Ryan’s vision, execution and mission of Global Domination through Poutine, and we know the Smokes team will continue to uphold that crispy golden poutine standard in Ryan’s honor!

Doug Sakmann, Tim ‘Gravy’ Brown, and Heather Honeycutt (Smokes U.S.A.!)