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Literally so many hilarious stories with Ryan. From him teaching me how to air guitar, to celebrating wins with nerf gun fights around the head quarters, to working on the 80s gala for Friends of We Care. Every time I interacted with Ryan I felt energized.

I remember when Ryan wanted to take poutine to Michigan he came to me with the idea and painted a picture of what he wanted. All seemed great. Until it was phone calls with customs and boarder agents at midnight trying to get a load to clear. I remember talking to Ryan that night and he wasn’t stressed at all. He just told me “you have a vision, you surround yourself with the right people in life to make it come to life”. At that point it didn’t matter what needed to be done. That vision was going to come to life.

Thank you for always inspiring me to never accept no for an answer. If I want it, I’ll find away to make it happen. I’ll always think of you when I wear plaid.